We  pride ourselves on providing as many items as possible, so you can get  everything you need in one stop! Our Dream's Shrub Line provides native  shrubs, flowering shrubs and ground covers. We have 100+ varieties and  colors that are all locally grown in the Arizona desert heat!

We  are constantly refining and expanding our selection, and we currently  have the biggest selection of colors and growth habits of Lantana in the  state! 

*TOP Selling summer survivors*

#3 Lantana AZ Hot Rose-Compact


 heat tolerant, clean and less  maintenance. Vibrant colors to help enhance property appearance. Slower  growing and 4' by 4' growth habit enables less trimming to allow more  blooming. 

#3 Lantana Gold Mound


 Durable and heat tolerant allowing continual blooming during the growing months. 

#5 Tecoma Yellow Bells


 Upright heat tolerant and eye popping, vibrant yellow blooms. Tropical  or desert landscapes, complimenting multiple varieties creating a  paradise 

#5 Bougainvillea Barbara Karst


 Low growing, heat tolerant and drought resistant. Striking Rose-Pink  blooms that help contrast with other drought tolerant items bringing  landscapes to life! 

#5 Emu Yellow Trailing


Trailing and blooming with Yellow blooms. Hardy to the cold and tolerant  of the heat. Another great item used to help with less maintenance  while also keeping the landscape look clean. 

#5 Sage Compacta


Silver foliage, with upright growth habit. Another heat tolerant item  that offers cold hardiness and lavender-purple blooms during the monsoon  months. A reasonable alternative for other faster growing and invasive  varieties that have to be trimmed more frequently.